This is Jesus!

2014-12-31-23-00-00-5We first met Jesus at Hogar del Nino.  When he came to the orphanage he had serious learning and speech disabilities and was not attending school. He was seen by specialists in both fields but no conclusive diagnosis was ever made.


He is now living with his sister in Todos Santos  and is currently attending the C.A.M. school.  Through Padrino Children’s Foundation, Jesus (Chuy) is now receiving weekly sessions with a child psychologist from La Paz and learning about horses with Beto at Todos Caballos.  The horse therapy, and Beto in particular, have made a significant change in Chuy’s speech and confidence.

Many thanks to Kaia at Todos Caballos and psychologist Sra. Reyna Lucero Nava Mendoza!

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