Meet Yuzmar!


CCF03062016_00000This is Yuzmar.  She has ectodermal dysplasia.  She has never developed her front teeth and has skin and hair problems.
She  arrived in the office of Dra. Alejandra Pena, referred by Antonia at the health center, for undernourishment and her skin condition, ptriasis alba. However, after meeting her, Dra. Alejandra diagnosed her with ectodermal dysplasia, genetic condition which is very rare, 1/100,000.
Yuzmar is the first daughter of a family of 4. Her mother never went to school and stays home and takes care of the family and house.  Her father is a truck driver. Their income varies according to his amount of work but it is around $4,300 MXN/month.  About $250 USD.  They have wanted to help Yuzmar with her condition but did not have money to do so and Seguro Popular does not cover this condition. IMG_4964
She was referred to Dr. Díaz, an odontopediatritian in La Paz, who did an amazing job and made her the prosthesis for her teeth which she will be able to use until she grows out of them and need to be readjusted!
Yuzmar is now a happy, beautiful young lady!

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