Special Needs Stimulation Program

DSCF2650Padrino Children’s Foundation is currently sponsoring a three month trial program called the Special Needs Stimulation Program.  It was proposed and is being run by Antonieta Perlata González, director of special education in Todos Santos.  With the support of the PCF, this program is intended to lead these children toward becoming self-sufficient members of the community and therefore be better integrated into the community.  The program has started with 5 children a73770fc-701e-4499-85d7-c214be1557c9with autism, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual deficits.  Antonieta works with the children, one on one, with specific goals for each child according to their abilities to help them become as self sufficient as possible. They also sometimes work as a group.  The goal for some of the children is to incorporate them into the regular school system.  For others it is working to improve motor skills, reading, writing, and speech skills to improve the quality of their lives.

DSCF2537Another big part of the program is family therapy.  The goal is to teach the families how to care for their special needs child, how to stimulate them according to their abilities, and how to break unhealthy behavioral habits that the parents have developed towards the children.

The program is now in its third month and already we are seeing improvements in the children.  Congratulations Antonieta!


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