Wellness Clinic at the Internado

On February 13th, we conducted our second health clinic at the elementary Internado which is the boarding facility where the children from the surrounding ranchlands live during the week so they can go to school in Todos Santos. Born and raised in remote locations, these children have little access to healthcare and likely have no medical record.

When the PCF formed to promote a physically healthier and more health conscious pediatric population in the community, the children of the ranchlands were an immediate priority. In our initial clinic, we established a medical record for each child and began the process of evaluation and treatment planning. We purchased anemia and hemoglobin analyzers to quickly diagnose two of the most common medical conditions associated with children who may not receive proper nutrition.

02142017 019In our second meeting with the children, we had a great group of enthusiastic volunteers who helped make this clinic a success. Each of the 40 children was weighed, had their height measured, and their Body Mass Index calculated. Next, each child’s glucose and hemoglobin levels were checked to identify cases of diabetes and/or anemia. Everyone received a vision screening and an overall physical exam by Dra. Alejandra who carefully noted temperature, heart rate and growth development. Each child’s medical record was updated.

We found some severe cases of anemia, a few heart murmurs, diagnosed several children with obesity and undernourishment issues, one child with a hormonal issue and several children with unaddressed visual impairment. PCF funding will provide the children with treatments and medical follow-up.

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