About Us

About The Padrino Children’s Foundation

imagesIn early 2016, we studied needs of disadvantaged children in Todos Santos and the surrounding ranch lands and identified the two areas of greatest needs are education and medical care. Fortunately, we already have the dedicated educational programs of the well-established Palapa Society in Todos Santos, leaving healthcare as the largest under served need.

We applied for non-profit status in the U.S. as The Padrino Children’s Foundation. What we found was that there were many families with children who needed specialized medical attention but did not have insurance or resources to help them.  Our board has aligned with the local medical community and developed funding and support processes to qualify these cases and keep us closely focused on the most pressing health needs.

Padrino Children’s Foundation is fortunate to be working with many local physicians and also physicians from La Paz and Los Cabos who offer services at a discounted rate.   With their help we are able to evaluate and treat many more children.  We also host doctors and organizations from the US who come to hold special clinics in our pueblo.

We are extremely fortunate to have many passionate and compassionate partners sharing our mission:

Dra. Alejandra Pena Salguero, a Physician from Mexico City who has established a private practice in Todos Santos.

Sra. Antonia Ruiz González, Todos Santos, Social Worker and Office Manager

Sra. Antonieta Peralta Delgado, Todos Santos, Special Education Teacher

Dr. Victor Manuel Diaz Alvarez, La Paz, Pediatric Dentist

Reyna Lucero Nava Mendoza, La Paz, Child Psychologist

Dr. Cristobal Menardo Valdez Geraldo, La Paz, Neuropediatrician

Dr. Carlos Justo Mendoza Unzon, La Paz, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Fausto Miguel Lechuga Medina, La Paz, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Jose Antonio Estrada Valdez, Todos Santos, Optometrist

Dr. Keith Bradburn, Walnut Creek, CA, Dental Clinics

Dr. Bernie Brown (retired pediatrician), Mission Trinidad, Allergies and Asthma

Dr. Carlos Young, Todos Santos, Ultrasound

Jamie Kelly, San Diego, Marketing Consultant

Board of Directors
Ron Peters – President
Nancy Naigle – Secretary
Nancy Serfass – Chairman
Julie Erwin – Treasurer