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Please join us in support of the work Dra. Alejandra Peña Salguero and her wonderful, dedicated support staff do every day to help the under-served children in our community.

Join the PCF team and supporters for a festive evening of food, drink, and hospitality in the home of Steve and Sheila Jagentenfl in Colonia San Sebastian. All proceeds will go to funding the ongoing work of PCF in 2018 to provide for the medical needs of our community’s most disadvantaged children.

Enjoy this casual event which begins at 5:30 pm with a welcome cocktail from the staffed bar. For subsequent libations choose from delicious wines and cervezas. The feasting begins with sumptuous catered food stations followed by a sampling of Shelia’s secret recipe creole entrées served with salad and bread. And, of course, dessert!

Throughout the evening, music will be provided. We hope you can join us!

Tickets are being sold at Tecolote Bookstore for $100 US or by contacting Nancy at Space is limited so please purchase your tickets early.


Dental Clinic at the Internado

JonPadrino Children’s Foundation, in conjunction with retired pediatric dentist, Jon Dalman, hosted preliminary dental examinations of the children at the elementary school internado – the albergue where children from the surrounding ranchos come to live during the week so they can attend school.  Several children were found to have dental problems that needed immediate attention and are being sent to pediatric dentists in La Paz and paid for by PCF.  Jon will return to TS to give all the children cleanings and protective treatments for their teeth.

Thank you Jon!

PCF hosts VOSH International in Todos Santos

Photo Apr 18, 3 45 22 PMOn April 18, 2017 the Padrino Children’s Foundation(PCF) hosted the doctors and volunteers from VOSH Internatiional (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) in Todos Santos to hold a vision clinic for the local community.  The VOSH personnel were assisted by many local volunteers, and in particular Dra. Alejandra and Antonia of PCF who coordinated getting the word out to the locals.  Photo Apr 18, 5 47 53 PM

In 10 hours we saw 364 patients (children and adults) and gave out over 400 pairs of glasses with prescriptions to be filled for an additional 50+ people.  In addition, all attendees and many migrant workers and local fishermen were given sunglasses provided by VOSH.  Many thanks to all who made this happen!


Happy Update on our guy Jesus

Jesus Godinez Matrinez now has a real identity!  We first met Jesus ar Hogar del Niño and now he is in our Special Needs education program.  When he was born, either there was no birth certificate issued or it was lost.  Whatever the reason, he had no birth certificate.  In Mexico, that is a big problem.  Without a birth certificate you cannot go to school.  You cannot get health insurance (Seguro Popular) without a birth certificate.Chuy

With the help of the Padrino Children’s Foundation, Lorena Amador Franco, Dra. Alejandra, and Antonia, Jesus now has his birth certificate.  The process involved many trips to La Paz, a trial, lawyers, and testimonies from his sisters.

Congratulations Jesus!

PCF reaching out into the community

She is Janeth, 15 years old.  When her mother was 13 years old, Janeth was born with myelomeningocele, a backbone and spinal cord defect (the most serious form of spina bifida), causing a permanent hemiplegia or paralysis on one side of her body. She had never been evaluated or treated in the past, causing multiple complications due to her condition.

Janeth1PCF is currently working to improve her well-being, providing medical care and treatment, getting her a proper size wheelchair, obtaining her birth certificate, referring her to a physical rehabilitation center to begin physical therapy, as well as supporting her whole family.

Here she is, as always smiling, holding a drawing she made.

Ella es Janeth de 15 años. A los 13 años de edad, su madre la tuvo y nació con mielomeningocele, un defecto de la columna vertebral y medula espinal, causando una hemiplejía permanente. Jamás había sido valorada ni tratada, presentando así múltiples complicaciones propias de su condición.


La Fundación Padrino actualmente trabaja en mejorar su estado de bienestar, otorgando servicios médicos y tratamientos, gestionando su acta de nacimiento, brindando una silla de ruedas de su tamaño, refiriéndola a un centro de rehabilitación para iniciar terapias, así como apoyándo a toda su familia.

Siempre sonriente, aquí está mostrando un dibujo y posando con su familia.


Wellness Clinic at the Internado

On February 13th, we conducted our second health clinic at the elementary Internado which is the boarding facility where the children from the surrounding ranchlands live during the week so they can go to school in Todos Santos. Born and raised in remote locations, these children have little access to healthcare and likely have no medical record.

When the PCF formed to promote a physically healthier and more health conscious pediatric population in the community, the children of the ranchlands were an immediate priority. In our initial clinic, we established a medical record for each child and began the process of evaluation and treatment planning. We purchased anemia and hemoglobin analyzers to quickly diagnose two of the most common medical conditions associated with children who may not receive proper nutrition.

02142017 019In our second meeting with the children, we had a great group of enthusiastic volunteers who helped make this clinic a success. Each of the 40 children was weighed, had their height measured, and their Body Mass Index calculated. Next, each child’s glucose and hemoglobin levels were checked to identify cases of diabetes and/or anemia. Everyone received a vision screening and an overall physical exam by Dra. Alejandra who carefully noted temperature, heart rate and growth development. Each child’s medical record was updated.

We found some severe cases of anemia, a few heart murmurs, diagnosed several children with obesity and undernourishment issues, one child with a hormonal issue and several children with unaddressed visual impairment. PCF funding will provide the children with treatments and medical follow-up.

Special Needs Stimulation Program

DSCF2650Padrino Children’s Foundation is currently sponsoring a three month trial program called the Special Needs Stimulation Program.  It was proposed and is being run by Antonieta Perlata González, director of special education in Todos Santos.  With the support of the PCF, this program is intended to lead these children toward becoming self-sufficient members of the community and therefore be better integrated into the community.  The program has started with 5 children a73770fc-701e-4499-85d7-c214be1557c9with autism, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual deficits.  Antonieta works with the children, one on one, with specific goals for each child according to their abilities to help them become as self sufficient as possible. They also sometimes work as a group.  The goal for some of the children is to incorporate them into the regular school system.  For others it is working to improve motor skills, reading, writing, and speech skills to improve the quality of their lives.

DSCF2537Another big part of the program is family therapy.  The goal is to teach the families how to care for their special needs child, how to stimulate them according to their abilities, and how to break unhealthy behavioral habits that the parents have developed towards the children.

The program is now in its third month and already we are seeing improvements in the children.  Congratulations Antonieta!


Our New Office is OPEN!

010517 023We are proud to announce that Padrino Children’s Foundation has a new office!  We are located at the intersection of Degollado and Colegio Militar in Todos Santos.  We helped to expand Dr. Alejandra into a bigger space and we took over her space which is now our office/meeting/conference room.  Visiting specialists and special classes will also be able to use the room as well.  Social worker Antonia Ruiz Gonzalez is in the office every morning,  Monday –Saturday.