Our Role

The Role of the Padrino Children’s Foundationmxkid13

We are committed a two-part strategic plan toward heath care improvement for children in need: increasing funding and improve access to care and health education.

Funding Initiatives:

  • Consultation cost at Centro de Salud for children without insurance coverage.
  • Consultation fees for follow-up care with Dra. Alejandra for high-risk patients.
  • Transportation fees for emergency or specialist care.
  • Prescribed medications that are not covered by insurance or which the family cannot afford.
  • Critical care or treatment not covered by insurance.

Access to Care and Education:

  • Establish medical records and perform routine blood tests for elementary-aged rancho children attending the Internado school.
  • Provide dental clinics for at-risk children.
  • Ongoing engagement with the CAM school, an institution for mentally and physically disadvantaged children, to determine priority needs.
  • Identify cases where no care is currently provided and refer the child to the Centro de Salud or Dra. Alejandra.
  • Join caravans which visit ranches and migrant camps to evaluate healthcare conditions.
  • Encourage registration of all children and families with Seguro Popular coverage.
  • Fund the purchase or production of educational materials that promote preventative care measures, such as the importance of a proper diet.