The following are programs currently being offered by Padrino Children’s Foundation……

Financial aid for medical services.

  • To be included in the program, socio-economical studies are applied to families with children with medical needs.
  • PCF then funds medical consultations, diagnostic studies, medicines, therapies, procedures and, when needed, transportation to specialized medical centers

Family nutritional counseling.

  • This is an going program that focuses on preventionmxkid8

    of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, as well as anemia and stunting.

  • We detect children with obesity and undernourishment and provide treatment, dynamic nutritional education and workshops with the families. 

 Children with special needs.

  • This program includes children with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy and other intellectual disabilities.
  • A special education teacher provides individualized therapies according to each child’s needs to stimulate their cognition and allow them to develop abilities. Children receive therapy and participate in programs such as a children’s community garden.

 Medical, dental and vision clinics.

  • This program performs active screening and treatment of issues. Clinics are performed periodically in schools and other community locations. 

Other programs.

  • Psychological therapy
  • Medical outreach program to ranches and migrant camps.